Unconferences are presented by and for you. If you don’t see a session listed below that you want to attend, suggest and/or recommend someone to present it in the page comments below!

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Who Can Speak at PodCamp Ohio/WordCamp Columbus?

Anyone attending can! Unconferences are by you, for you. If you don’t see a session here that you want, create one and present it! Share what you know and your fellow participants will do the same.

Before you submit your session, please read the Rules of PodCamp and What is an UnConference. In a nutshell, the goal of each session is to educate, everyone is treated equally (everyone is a rock star) and attendees have the freedom to leave sessions for what ever reason (rule of two feet). If your session is inappropriate in nature or a sales pitch for your company/product, PodCamp Ohio organizers reserve the right to deny your session request.

Chris Brogan published an excellent list of potential topics for presenters at PodCamp. Check this list out of you’re curious what kinds of topics are appropriate for PodCamp sessions.

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If you plan on hosting multiple sessions, please indicate in the special needs field which session is most important for you to present. If we receive many session submissions, we will move your additional sessions down in priority to give the maximum number of speakers an opportunity to present.

Looking For A Particular Session?

If there is a topic that interests you that you would like someone else to cover, please leave a comment below to encourage other attendees to host a session on that topic.

If your confident your session meets the guidelines of PodCamp, go ahead and register your session!


  1. I would love to go to a session that extensively covers how to edit audio in Audacity. I went to a session at PodCamp Toronto on the subject and I was blown away by how many options there are. I am sure there is more to learn that’s why I’m throwing out the request.

  2. I would consider presenting an Audacity course, since it’s my audio editor for my shows. But I think there are better-qualified and more knowledgeable users around here. But if no one else steps up to it, I’ll make myself become an expert and consider presenting. :)

  3. Barely says:

    Ramen Noodle, I would consider dual presenting a session in audacity. I use it as well, and while I think I still have some to learn, I am sure we could bang it out together if no one else steps up.

  4. Barely and I are working together to submit an Audacity session, and I’m working on another session on “Tweeting for Your Organization.” We’ll submit soon.

  5. Since I have yet to get into podcasting in any serious way I look forward to your presentation on Audacity!

  6. A few Podcamp attendees were discussing last night that we would love to hear from an SEO expert, or a panel similar to that at Wordcamp. SEO please! Bug Jake Stoops about it!

  7. We’re two weeks out. Have the actual sessions been scheduled? Times, rooms, etc.?


  8. John Fonner says:

    I want to use to share my own music collection. Can someone explain how to host my itunes files so they’re available when I want to blip them?

  9. I would like to get a gathering of technical podcasters, perhaps over lunch and discuss cross promotion.

  10. Eva Bradshaw says:

    While you are in Columbus – another stop to make:

    FreeGeek Columbus will be holding an open house this Saturday, June 20, from noon to 4 PM. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the organization, meet the volunteers that make things happen, and get some free food. :)

    If you have older computer equipment lying around, bring it with you and donate it to FreeGeek Columbus during the open house. Cash donations are welcome, too! This is primarily a social event, so please feel free to bring family and friends with you. Chat with FreeGeek Columbus volunteers about what they do, take a tour of our facility, and play some geeky games with us.

    We hope to see you there!

  11. admin says:

    I’d love to cross promote, please shoot me an email to my podcast address, angelo [at] pluginspodcast{dot}.com.

  12. admin says:

    Cheryl, Mary is hosting an SEO session and looking for folks to be on the panel. Please contact her about being on the panel if you’d like to participate. mary[at]podcampohio{dot}com

  13. I would like to do a session on Using Online Video to Promote Your Business. Learn how to create good video, framing, audio, equipment, video formats, and how and where to publish. We may also touch on streaming video, vidcasting, and Skype video and how to use these to grow your business.