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Circle of Seven Productions Sponsors PodCamp Ohio

CiOS productionsCircle of Seven Productions sponsors PodCamp Ohio!

Circle of Seven Productions (aka COS Productions) created the Book Trailer market in 2002. Since then the company has been the leader of book trailer production in the US, winning several prestigious awards for both broadband and broadcast videos.

COS Productions Gold sponsorship and support of PodCamp Ohio is greatly appreciated. Thank you COS Productions!

Doctor Anonymous Sponsors PodCamp Ohio

Doctor AnonymousPodCamp Ohio 2 is proud to be sponsored by Ohio’s own Doctor Anonymous!

Doctor Anonymous podcast is show that goes beyond the blog to bring you up close and personal with the brightest stars of the medical blogosphere.

Doctor Anonymous was one of the first contributors to both this years and last years PodCamp Ohio. He has been following the meetings and planning since the beginning. His Gold sponsorship and support for PodCamp Ohio is greatly appreciated. Thank you Doctor Anonymous!

Please check out the Doctor Anonymous Podcast every Thursday evening at 9pm on BlogTalkRadio.

We have more sponsorship announcements coming shortly. Please visit the sponsors page for the latest list of PodCamp Ohio sponsors.

AssistCoach Sponsors PodCamp Ohio

AssistCoachPodCamp Ohio is proud to be sponsored by AssistCoach.

In this age of Social Media Marketing and business survival, every entrepreneur needs “Results Driven Sales Training” to be successful.

At we help you leverage Social Media and coach you on using the best tools to connect with prospects and clients. Plus, we help you to overcome the fear of using the telephone by applying the best and proven techniques for closing sales.

Sales is a skill that must be learned, much like learning to play the piano. You will never master it in one day, but you will learn with practice and by having a teacher that understands the principles and timing.

Most entrepreneurs are not good at closing sales. But with a little coaching, you can learn to master these skills and best practices very quickly! With our unique program, we can teach you over the phone, through social networking and with videos on the Internet.

Call us at 614-429-4832 to see how we can assist you with prospecting, social networking, and your business strategy. Or visit our website at for more information.